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Why choose EFIC for your child?

The French International School of Colombo is an institution affiliated with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). As such, it is part of a network of 566 schools in 139 countries, all following the same French curriculum.

A student educated in this network can continue their education worldwide without the fear of interruptions between what they have studied in their previous school and what they will study in their new institution. Furthermore, the French baccalaureate is a globally recognized diploma, enabling our former students to successfully pursue higher education in France or abroad.

Language learning is a priority in our school, which is bilingual in French and English from kindergarten onwards. Learning French is important, even for those who are already fluent in English. French is the second most widely taught language in the world and is the official or working language in several dozen countries. Learning French opens doors to new cultures and provides an additional advantage for future studies and careers.

Our school also prioritizes kindergarten education because by learning French at a young age, non-French-speaking students have the best chances of success in their academic journey. As for French-speaking students, they can quickly become bilingual. French kindergarten education has earned an international reputation because it allows young children to learn while fostering creativity and independence. It is ultimately a nurturing school where your children will be happy and flourish.

Click on the image to access the French Government brochure:

Why choose EFIC?


The EFIC is approved by the French Ministry of Education. It is a guarantee of seriousness and quality.


The EFIC belongs to the largest global school network, that of the Agency for French Education Abroad (566 schools, 138 countries). No problem if you change assignment!


French is the second most taught language in the world and spoken in dozens of countries. It is an asset for the future of your children.


The EFIC provides bilingual French-English education from kindergarten. Your child will quickly become fluent in both languages.


The French school has a reputation for excellence. It opens the door to the best universities in the world.


The classes are not overcrowded. The teachers take time for each student. Our school is warm, the children feel good there.

AEFE celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2020!

#AEFE30 : l'AEFE fête ses 30 ans !
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The AEFE network, the first international educational network in the world, is established in 139 countries.

Between 1990 and 2020, the number of students doubled.

The next ten years will be those of a further doubling of the number of students, the objective indicated by the President of the French Republic - the “Cap 2030” - being to reach 700,000 pupils in 2030.

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