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Distance schooling

Dedicated educational tools



The video tool Zoom allowing a lot of flexibility, teachers have the possibility of creating working groups with a dedicated educational assistant or another teacher during their class hours. This flexibility allows students to gravitate around their main course, and, without disconnecting, to benefit from an aside in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) or in English, to work independently or in a group on a specific subject.


The objective of the teaching team is to make the classes as lively and dynamic as possible, so that the student can follow his lesson attentively and participate actively.

Bookcreators, padlets, digital classes…

Each class has its own timetable and teaching tools. Since distance education is no longer a novelty, both students and teachers have learned to master these online devices. Lessons, assessments, exchanges with the teacher and between students, demonstrations, activities: there is a tool for every need.

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