Distance schooling

In March 2020 and the first cases of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka, the EFIC and the French Embassy in Sri Lanka followed the evolution of the situation. For the sake of caution, the school has decided to set up distance learning in order to ensure safe pedagogical continuity.

After the start of the September 2020 school year, which had taken place in very good conditions given the current health situation, the local authorities ordered the closure on October 5, 2020 of all schools.

A distance learning program was immediately put back in place, building on our first experience last spring. Families were able to come and collect the material prepared by the teachers to ensure educational continuity.

The distance school system is based on daily video conference lessons and relies on digital tools to transmit activities and class work adapted to each level. The teachers have set up discussion groups and are attentive to the needs of their students in order to be as responsive as possible.

Our students have already acquired solid digital skills and have developed a strong sense of autonomy that they will be able to use again during this period.


We thank you for your collaboration which is essential for everyone's success.

We assure you, dear parents, that all EFIC teams are mobilized throughout this period from a distance.





The Zoom video tool allows a lot of flexibility, teachers have the possibility of creating working groups with a dedicated educational assistant or another teacher during their class schedules. This flexibility allows students to gravitate around their main course, and, without disconnecting, to benefit from an aside in French as a Foreign Language (FLE) or in English, to work independently or in groups on a specific subject.


The aim of the teaching team is to make the classes as lively and dynamic as possible, so that the pupil can follow his course attentively and participate actively.

Bookcreators, padlets, digital classes ...

Each class has its own timetable and teaching tools. As distance education is no longer a novelty, students and teachers alike have learned to master these devices online. Lessons, assessments, discussions with the teacher and between students, demonstrations, activities: there is a tool for every need.

Dedicated educational tools