Greetings 2022

Dear students, dear parents,

EFIC wishes you an excellent year 2022. May all your wishes, from the smallest to the wildest, those of good health as well as those of success and prosperity, come true throughout this new year, in joy and serenity.

Above all, we wish our pupils to learn with enthusiasm, to discover and share new knowledge, to enjoy coming to school throughout the year to experience a rich and fulfilling education in French and English.

We wish the parents of our students all the best in their personal and professional lives and thank them for their involvement and valuable support of the EFIC Management Committee.

We thank the members of the Management Committee for their involvement on behalf of the parents in the life of EFIC and for their commitment to the development of our school. We also wish them that EFIC's projects will succeed in creating a more beautiful, more attractive and more functional French school.

May this year 2022 bring us beautiful moments and surprises, from the sparks in the eyes of our youngest students, from the laughter in the playground to the success of our students in their future exams!

On behalf of the EFIC team, I wish you a happy new year 2022!

Stéphanie Guillet,

EFIC Principal