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The French school and its students in the spotlight!

In 2020, the EFIC Preschool Grande Section, took part in the reading competition of the “Incorruptibles”, the aim of which is to arouse the wish and desire to read among the youngest children through reading actions based on a quality selection. The preschool children read and shared this moment in class and with their families and then voted for their favourite book.

Not to be outdone, they participated individually in the illustration competition by illustrating a proposal or a sentence taken from a book in the selection. Despite the curfew, the project was completed, and the illustrations sent to France.

The results have recently come in and to our great joy, Valentina, a former Grand Section from the EFIC Preschool, is one of the winners of this 2020 edition. As a reward, she has just received 2 childen's books !!!

Congratulations to all the EFIC preschool, Grande Section of 2019/2020 for their participation and well done to Valentina !



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