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General conditions of accessing the scholarship scheme

The scholarships are granted under conditions of resources and according to the financial situation of the applicant.
Main conditions necessary for submitting an application for scholarships:

  • The student must be of French nationality and at least one of the two parents must reside in the consular district.

  • The applicant and the child must be registered in the world register of French people living outside France. Please check the validity of your registration (parents and children) with the embassy, registration in the register of French people living outside France is valid for 5 years. Registration must be valid at the time of filing your scholarship file.

  • For families arriving from France, it is imperative to be in possession of a deregistration certificate from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) of the last domicile in France. Please note, this document must be requested as a priority given the response times from CAFs.


Please note: applying for a scholarship and registering with the school are two different formalities.

How to apply for scholarships?

Pupils of French nationality, registered with the consulate, can submit a file in order to register a request for a scholarship.

Scholarships can cover part or all of the tuition fees as well as catering costs.

To do so, families must download the documents from the website of the French Embassy in Sri Lanka, here.

No file can be submitted to the school. The meeting with Mrs. Consul is compulsory.

The EFIC can however provide a paper version of the dossier if necessary. Please come and make a request to the secretariat.

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