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The Board and the Management Committee

The French International School of Colombo is a private establishment with parental management.

Two bodies are responsible for its operation: the School Board and the Management Committee.


For the year 2021/2021, the members of the school council are:

Ambre GUEGIN CHRETIEN - Representative of the parents of kindergarten students (titular)

Sharaki AMARATUNGA - Parent representative of kindergarten students (substitute)

Tania GRUJIC - Representative of parents of CP students

Mila RODRIGO  - Representative of parents of CE1 students

Shaun ZELBER - Parents representative of CE2 students,

Stéphanie MAILLET - Representative of parents of CNED students


Next dates of the School Board meetings:

  • October 19 at 5 p.m.

  • February 15 at 5 p.m.

  • June 14 at 5 p.m.

* Subject to confirmation

For the year 2020/2021, the members of the EFIC Management Committee are:

Shehan SUWANDARATNA - President
Michael DELRIEU - Vice-President
Sylvain ROUZEAU - Treasurer

Badra DUFLOT - Secretary

Marylène SOUIRGI - Member

Next dates of the Management Committee meetings:

The meetings of the EFIC Management Committee occur once a month, every first Monday of the month from 5:30pm.

  • Monday September 12

  • Monday 3 Cctober

  • Monday November 7

  • Monday 5 December

* Subject to confirmation

The School Board

The School Board brings together the educational community: school head, teachers, elected parents, representative of the French Embassy.

The school Board's fields of competence are the educational orientations of the establishment and school life: educational structure, school project, school trips, canteen, extra-curricular activities.

The Management Committee

The EFIC Management Committee is made up of parents elected by the General Assembly of EFIC parents.

The head of the establishment as well as the representative of the French Embassy in Sri Lanka also sit there.

The main mission of the Management Committee is the financial management of the establishment, as well as the management of human resources.

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