Les activités extra-scolaires (AES) c'est se faire plaisir et s'amuser, développer la mobilité, l'imagination et la motricité; apprendre la socialisation, le partage, l'ouverture sur les autres et sur soi.

Sinhalese and Tamil New Year at school - April 2022

Cross de l’école 24 mars 2022

Le quotidien de l'EFIC en image

Les maternelles de l'EFIC en action.

The EFIC students celebrated the end of the year in song. Dressed up for the occasion, they gathered in a choir to sing Christmas carols in French and English!

The French school is getting a makeover!
French painter residing in Sri Lanka, Prescilia's mission was to brighten up the walls of the EFIC and make our beautiful establishment more visible.

The work is currently in progress.