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Distance Schooling

The French International School of Colombo is closed for all classes since Monday, October 5, 2020.

After the start of the school year that took place in very good conditions in view of the current health situation, the local authorities ordered the closure of all schools at the beginning of October.

A distance learning program was immediately put back in place, building on our first experience last spring. Families were able to come and pick up the material prepared by the teachers to ensure pedagogical continuity.

The distance school system is based on daily video-conference courses and uses digital tools to transmit activities and class work adapted to each level.

The teachers have set up exchange groups and are attentive to the needs of their students in order to be as reactive as possible.

Our students have already acquired solid digital skills and have developed a strong sense of autonomy which they will be able to use again during this period.

We thank you for your collaboration, which is essential for everyone's success. We assure you, dear parents, that all the EFIC teams are mobilized throughout this period at a distance.

We hope to see you back at school as soon as possible,

Kind regards.

Stéphanie Guillet

EFIC Director



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