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Full reopening of the school on Monday 29 March

Dear parents,

The Sri Lankan authorities have announced the reopening of all schools, both private and public, throughout the Western Province, as of Monday 29 March. Consequently, in agreement with the French Embassy and the EFIC Management Committee, we confirm that school will resume for all classes every day on Monday 29 March 2021. The organisation of the school will continue to be based on the health guideline already put in place in September 2020.

Thus, reception, break and lunch times will be staggered to avoid large numbers of pupils mixing together.

- Kindergarten pupils will be met at the school gate as currently organised.

- Pupils in other classes will go directly to their classrooms where their teacher will welcome them.

We would like to thank you again for your active support over the last few months and look forward to welcoming all EFIC pupils back to school.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Guillet,

EFIC Principal



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