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Preschool reopening

Dear Parents,

Following the re-examination of the school's situation concerning the education of preschool students, our school partners; embassy, management committee, school management, took the decision today to authorize the reopening of the preschool tomorrow under the same conditions authorized in December 2020.

Preschool students will therefore be welcomed from tomorrow, Wednesday January 6, 2021, at school, from 8 am onwards:

  • This week, “petite section” and “moyenne section” students will stay until noon.

  • Students from “Grande section” will stay the whole day until 2.45PM. They will have to bring their lunch.

Next week, students of “petite section” and “moyenne section” will stay for the full day and the "grande section" students will leave at 12 noon.

(Please see with Mrs. Dorothée Malenger for more details).

Dear parents, we would like to reiterate our wishes for a Happy New Year and wish you a good return back to school!

Thank you,

Kind Regards,



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