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Health and security

Daily management

The entire school team is trained in first aid.

For medical emergencies, the school's procedure is to turn first to the privileged contact communicated by parents at the start of the year.

For any school trip, the teams leave with a first aid box.

Civil liability is compulsory and will be requested at the start of the school year. It is imperative that one of the parents can be contacted at all times for better care of the children in the event of a health problem at school. In the event of an accident, the child is transported to the most suitable hospital.


The AEFE network to which EFIC belongs attaches great importance to safety.

In close collaboration with the security services of the French Embassy in Sri Lanka, the EFIC has updated the PPMS (Particular Security Plan). These documents give instructions to all personnel concerning all risks (fire, intrusion, etc.). Exercises take place regularly every year.

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