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A French and International School

The French international school of Colombo (EFIC) is a French establishment of excellence, created in 1979. It therefore celebrated 40 years of existence.

Teaching is done in French and English. Students also take Sinhala awakening lessons and from middle school they can choose other foreign languages.

Our school, due to its history and the tradition of opening French establishments, is a place of linguistic and cultural encounters and exchanges.

EFIC welcomes students of all nationalities, from Preschool to Terminale.

EFIC offers quality education in a reassuring environment conducive to child development for all families, expatriates or long-established in the country. It also welcomes students from Sri Lankan families.

Our history

Among all the international schools in Colombo, there is the French school, the only establishment that really allows the learning of French as the main language.

EFIC is a member of the AEFE network as an approved establishment. The school is managed by a private law association, the Association of Parents of Students of the EFIC and has signed an administrative, financial and educational agreement with the AEFE. This agreement relates in particular to the conditions of assignment and remuneration of staff members of the national education system and to the allocation of subsidies. These establishments maintain a constant management dialogue with the AEFE.


As such, the school is one of 496 French schools abroad approved by the French Ministry of National Education and 50 establishments in the Asia-Pacific zone offering education that meets the requirements of the programs of the 'French National Education.

Located in the heart of the capital, Colombo, the establishment currently hosts around 50 students of more than 10 different nationalities, half of whom are French.

A dozen teachers supervise the students. The rest of the staff is made up of management, administrative and technical staff.

Parents' interviews


Stéphanie Guillet, French school director

“Ayubowan! Vanakkam! "

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of EFIC, the French International School of Colombo, the only “French School” in Sri Lanka!

I would like to tell you here how proud and happy I am to be the director of this dynamic, plurilingual, ambitious, responsive school, small but large because of the quality of its teaching and the values ​​it promotes: equality, fraternity , freedom of thought, solidarity, joy of learning and of working together.

Proud to work alongside a close-knit and competent team of dedicated teachers who invest themselves without counting for their students, the year 2020 will have brought us great proof. Each teacher at EFIC builds a close relationship with each student, promoting their success, desire and joy to learn.

Proud of a school where teaching is of international quality, suitable for everyone, whatever the nationality, differentiated according to the needs of each student.

Proud and grateful to our partners, the French Embassy in the first place, but also to other organizations such as the Alliance Française, with whom we collaborate and which help us to promote and recognize the quality of French studies.

Proud to collaborate in promoting France, the French language and French culture, within a unique global network of schools, the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). Our membership in the AEFE allows us to offer families in international mobility an unparalleled opportunity in terms of French education and to offer their children continuity in their education all over the planet.

Finally grateful to Sri Lanka for welcoming us for more than forty years and proud to be able to make our students better acquainted with this country, its culture, its traditions and its most secure asset, the smile of the Sri Lankans of course.


Now impatient to meet you, to welcome you, to know your child and to give him a taste of school, a taste of the EFIC.

See you soon,

Stephanie Guillet